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New Era Petroleum, Thermopolis WyomingJanuary 2014 to January 2015. Conventional (drill and blast) development of 12’x12’ and 14’x14’ access drifts and drill bays. Roughly 800 lineal feet of development drifting total. Operate drilling mud plant. Shotcrete lining of a 900’ long by 8’ diameter raise using wet shotcrete and spinner.

Holden Bulkheads Project, Holden WashingtonJuly 2012 to October 2013. Main Portal: Remove 1200’ of mud, old timber and other debris from the main access drift. Build and install safety dams and trash racks. Form, pour and grout a 10’x11’x14’ plug. Apply shotcrete from the plug to the portal. Pour foundation slab on grade and install galvanized liner plate through the portal timber zone. Install piping from plug to surface. Ventilator Portal: Mine through and support 400’ of collapsed drift with timber sets. Fill large void with cellular concrete. Build ventilator bulkhead, pour and grout an 8’x8’x14’ plug. 1100 Level: Rehab collapsed portal. Install rebar, form and pour a water retention dam. 300 (and other) Levels: Install foam plugs to inhibit oxidation of the copper minerals in the upper stopes by stopping the airflow between levels.

Luxcor Gold, L.P., Salome ArizonaNovember 2011 to present. Expand and rehabilitate existing access decline. Drive 10’x12’x300’ of 15% decline and take bulk sample for metallurgical testing. Support raise boring operation. Line 6’ diameter by 250’ long raisebore hole with 3” of shotcrete using wet mix with spinner. Installed ladders and landings in the raisebore hole/secondary escapeway. Provide support for core drilling crew.

Elkhorn Goldfields, Elkhorn MontanaJune 2011 to December 2011. Portal off and drive 14’x14’x1000’ decline with muck bays, drill bays and ore access drift. Take bulk sample for metallurgical testing.

Fraser Gold, Hackberry ArizonaNovember 2010 to February 2011. Widening of an existing addit to allow rubber tire equipment access. Rehab bolting of an existing stope. Drove 3’x6’x65’ conventional raise to take a bulk sample for metallurgical testing.

Ashton Dam Remediation Project, Ashton IdahoJune 2010 to August 2011. Precision blasting for lake tap, portal and shaft excavation. Excavation and support of a 15’x15’x 260’ long diversion tunnel, 21’x25’x30’ transition and 28’x32’x60’ deep control shaft. Shotcrete finish tunnel lining and shotcrete/soil-nail wall above shaft excavation.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Thermopolis Wyoming – November 2009. Rehabilitation of two railroad tunnels. Work included timber set removal, installation of resin and friction bolts with wire, and high scaling.

Newgold, Kamloops B.C.June of 2009. Worked with Shotcrete Technologies on the lining of an 11.5’ diameter by 1000’ deep bored raise using wet shotcrete.

Signal Peak Energy, Roundup MontanaAugust 2009 to March 2010. Ditch blasting and excavation. On-call emergency blasting to free up long-wall shields at an underground coal mine.

Luxcor Gold, L.P., Salome ArizonaDecember 2008 to March 2009. Exploratory decline and core drilling. Portaled off, drove 460’ of decline, took a bulk sample and sealed decline in less than three weeks. Cut drill station and core drilled in March 2009.

American Rock Salt, Geneseo New YorkOctober 2008 to September 2009. Stabilization work on R1 and R2 ramps in an underground salt mine. Installed friction bolts, resin bolts, cable bolts, cable trusses, wire and shotcrete to stabilize two conveyor ramps.

Stillwater Mining Company, Nye MontanaDecember 2004 to December 2008. Drove 1,100’ of 7’x8’Alimak production raise in type II through type IV ground, 2000’ of 8’x8’Alimak development raise, 300’ of 10’x10’ Alimak production raises and 350’ of conventional 6’x 6’ “beanhole” raises. Operated up to four captive slusher stopes and two rubber tire ramp and fill stopes while doing raise work. Ran development drifts associated with ramp and fill stopes.

Stillwater Mining Company


Stillwater Mining Company (SMC) is one of our open projects. We've been working with SMC since 2005. Project work includes:

  • Ground Stabilization
  • Grouting
  • Mine Development
  • Mine Operation
  • Raise Boring
  • Raise Mining
  • Shaft Boring
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Shotcreting
  • Stillwater Mine, near Nye, Montana. The mining operation accesses, extracts and processes PGM ores from the eastern portion of the J-M Reef from mine openings located in the Stillwater Valley. Ore reserves developed at the Stillwater Mine are controlled by patented mining claims either leased or owned outright by SMC. The mine is located approximately 85 miles southwest of Billings, Montana and is accessed by a paved road.